Outer Space Galaxy

The sky is infinite: where does it begin, where does it end?
The heavens above us contain so much of the unknown.
Origins of my collective emotions: the sky contains the Milky Way, black holes, and supposedly space creatures of the unknown.
I dreamt of an existence yet for our earth people to behold.
The stars are abundant, too many to count.
I stand in the moonlight and ponder how it all came about.
I watch the shooting stars fly by and I pray for the comets and asteroids to ignore mankind and quietly miss our Earth.
We are not chosen for extinction just yet, the extinction that the dinosaurs met.
Surely, society will be spared from a monster rock falling from the sky.
Our planetary existence will find plenty other ways to wither and die.
Starvation, disease, and war take their toll; our world will die slow.
Maybe aliens will rescue our world from its demise.
We, the earth people, will not have terrible lives.
A higher entity-a god-rules our dimension and lifts us to a higher, happier place.
Call it afterlife, God, Heaven, or outer space; choose your place.

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