Outraged & Underaged

Outraged and Underage
I go through so many days
Frustrated in my selfish ways
My pride won’t let my true feelings show
Because I’m frightened for people to know the real me
I’m conflicted between an immature child an a ever ready adult
I have my good days
I have my bad days
I have my sad ways
I have my happy days
Growing up without father hurt more than you’ll ever know but I’ll never let my inner demons Show
I also felt like if I wasn’t perfect I wasnt good enough I always felt like I was living in the shadow of a unnamed person
But when I try to conflict my issues
My pain only worsens
My mother and sister don’t just seem to get it
no matter what I say or how I feel there’s
always a reason it’s my fault
So most of the time I have a head full of heavy thoughts I hate that I take my pain out on them
When I’m the one uncomfortable in my skin
I get so angry with my father because if he was here things would better for me
But that’s I mean I’m just as selfish as can be
I don’t know what to do I don’t know where to go
my Demons are screaming at me more than I’ll ever let you know

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