I wasn't even thinking about you yesterday.
A short period of sanity.
Yet you invaded my dreams.
You had the audacity to tell me my eyes were shining,
more so than you had ever seen.
I blushed and shrugged, but I know why.
My eyes were glowing the way they always do
when I am around you.

I have to get over you,
get over myself.
You and I are not meant to be together,
at least, not now.
Maybe in a past life we were lovers,
and we may be in the future.
But not now.
We are friends and I love that.
Now, the challenge, is to convince my heart
it will not shatter if it lets you go.
It will not crumble and break in my chest,
and it certainly will not lose its ability
to ever love again.
Because you are just my first first love,
and the second love,
is the one who teaches your heart
how to truly love again.

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