Outside Looking In

Come a little closer I'll pull back the veil,
Blank stare on your face when you see a living hell,
You think you know go ahead talk until your face turns blue,
Conversation way overdue see I thought you knew,
See I'm done worrying about your assumptions,
I'm not susceptible to your feelings it's a trick,
I know it's all jealousy but I won't jump ship,
I won't attend your pity party I'll be at other functions

Too smart to know misery loves company,
You hate my song so you won't sing in harmony,
But I'm here to settle all the hype,
Got enough pressure inside to explode like a sprung pipe,
Feel like I'm in and out the stratosphere no time for breath,
See you're not in my region,
Dangerous to try and label angel or demon,
Don't write a check you can't cash see you're dancing with death

Things get real crazy in my world
The pressure in my atmosphere will make your head swirl.
No outlet to shed light so I light up the Indo,
Most of you fools would have jumped out the window,
Full of deception so tell me what's your perception?
My world turned upside down like inception,
Might look like I got it all together,
I just sit back and laugh at these wannabe critics,
Since when did they get so analytic?
My life is sporadic you can't predict the weather.

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