Ovary Blessings

I am not a woman fashioned from Adam's rib
I am not a mistaken miscarriage in a public bathroom
Leaking period between thighs
Pinched plaid skirt pleats
Dabs of red spotting tennis shoes
Proud outer space oddity
Glitter-eyed, gluttonous
Sand crust dream
Biting hangnail crescent thumb tails
A puppet in paisley overalls
Dandelion tucked behind a left earlobe
Teach me sensuality
Teach me fear of pregnancy
Teach me dependency
Bacteria splitting under microscope lens
Salad forks, tossed Caesarian
I am not tampon trash, a late bloomer
I am not a bronze keyhole in your bedroom door
Or potted dirt waiting for seed
I will go unwatered in this Garden of Eden

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