You think you have me all figured out.
As you sit in your high tower, spewing your judgement from poisonous lips, I can but only hope the hypocrisy ends soon, for my patience wears thin.
Feed me your hate, Feed me your anger, Feed me your jealousy as I am hungry and what you give serves only to fuel the fire that is lit deep within my soul.
I tried to show you kindness, I tried to show you patience, I tried to show you peace.
You returned the favor by showing me lies, showing me hate and showing me your true being.
Like a two faced coin, you say words to appease me, and use actions that speak otherwise.
I have played this sick and twisted game for years, giving up a bit of my soul and heart in the process.
I have grown weary, yet strong at the same time. Your words mean nothing to me, your actions, even less.
You have lost the battle, and soon you will lose the war.

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A human who can no longer take the lies fed to them over the years.