For all you do to keep me sober
Lost thoughts once, my grave turned over
I turned my back to everyone’s face
They came to chill, I came to race
Emotionally numb, no choice to chase
No matching just balance, I turn away from violence
They run and roar, I sprint in silence
Took advantage of comfort, thought I was smart
Now homeless, unsafe, no home felt heart
Head spun hungover, no chance to restart
Happiness lost and everything felt gone
Family comes thru, turns my heart back on
Family is caring, a laugh when I’m wrong
Family is moments, weakness made strong
Love them so dearly, my honest success
Realizing you all are the best of the best
So I sit and relax and I know your there
Backing me up, sky ground and air
You need my help, just tell me where
Family support as huge as a bear
I’m done ignoring all things to fear
Ill end nights worry, without a tear
Be happy and smile and know I’m here
This sickness is over, watch us all cheer!

Love Joe 2017

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