Over a Year Sober

Wearing mothers eyes,
A leaf falls instead of a tear,
A doll with a smile tossed out, dirty,
Picking up father's broken dreams as they fall behind him.
The sky, an art piece constantly being worked on,
The only water that rolls down my face is Gaia's tears, rain.

A pictures worth a thousand words,
Those thousand words can all be fiction.
I take everyone else's emotions out of me, empty.
Where am I?
Who am I?
Think, for myself,
Do I?
A wound with the scab taken off,
Is this really better for me?
The ones before me all reassure,
They tell me they wish they started young like me.
I trust them.
Keep your faith in God not man,

This wine,
This is the exact same brand I had the night
I tried to kill myself,
Why were you in my dream?

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