Over Troubled Bitter Waters

We started something for sure, but just wasn't quite smitten about it.
The whole thing effected our lives, my time as well as her's too.
And so going forth, we were so disrespectful to eachother, having that bitter taste left in our mouths.
It was so out of place, without us even thinking about the consequences.
Like a red letter day that came, without even a warning sign or notice.
For all our time wasted in almost 2 1/2 years.
This one wasn't as easy to shake off, not the way i only wish it could've.
Irresponsible on our part to have left things as bittersweet as this.
No mercy & no retreat in our bomb that's suddenly exploded.
Finally when all the smoke had cleared, it only left misery from the devastation.
What little we had between us, was taken away in a matter of seconds.
Angry alternative motives turned up in our heated disposition.
And just like that, the dreadful moment came, we spoke with our eyes as the sneering continued.
In the end a peace treaty was made to never see or speak to eachother ever again.

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This Poems Story

This poem goes beyond thoughts of how things can grow cold between two lovers. When the relationship is in trouble before it even had a chance & may had been doomed from the very beginning. Lesson to learn is always watchout for the signs.