Over Cast

Over Cast
Dark, over cast
Blaring horn, blinding beam
Hopeful the ride to a better life is on time
Patiently standing silent, staring into my personal abyss
Fog thick, air damp, morning nods
Steam rising, hovering above the river
Mountains reaching high above the clouds
A distant chant of geese and fowl
The lonely howl of coyote
The eyes of heaven open ever so slowly
Squishing sound of fallen leafs moist from dew
Travelers gather in quest of a way out or perhaps in
A chance of promise
A dream of prominence
Distant towers, horns of plenty
Discarded treasures of waste
Fortune over looked, un-seen
Souls in need, ignored, un-acknowledged
A race to nowhere, always arriving on time
Our clocks punched
We begin counting down the minutes of our lives.

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