Over Exposed

Lights too bright, Wish I may wish I might.
Wish for the right to your heart, but I get in line...
Everything illuminated like a Granade thrown,
screaming to its mighty fall.
Arousing call, short and tall ATTENTION.
Looking at all the changes to be made-
Flaws to be fixed,
It's a mix.
Just a glitch In the system of life, when to be fixed?
To be determined.
All flaws come into view, the world a new. Alarming view.
Cause the lights are too bright, we wish we may wish we might.
Find ourselves in a world tomorrow
Which will be better than today's.
In all ways.
We're in a daze.
Can't find our ways; but I wish for a dimmer light.
Maybe than I'd hold the right to your heart
but for now I wait in line...
With the other dreamers dreaming.
Wishing we may, wishing we might.
Dim the light. Dim the light.

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