Over the Years

Over the years

I know things haven’t been the same, but where are you?
First, it was Jenga, Santa, then that Blowfish restaurant that's closed.
We said we’d call each other, right? Be bridesmaids?
Where are you now?
I’m thinking about you.

I’ve been wondering,
Do you remember all we did growing up?
All the sticky notes with Hoffman's name?
All the hot glue, grapes, and cats?
Especially yours? Lue wasn’t it?
Something with an L?
Oh well.
Still wanna be bridesmaids?

How about Devin?
The trouble we got into?
I heard he moved away.
How long ago was that?
3rd grade?
I miss you.

Remember Camp Wildcat?
The yellow shirts?
The marshmallows?
The “big kid” playground?
I heard the shirts are red now.

I can’t even remember how you look anymore.
Everything except that your last name rhymes with “meeny”
Or how well you used to get along with everyone,
The popular one.
I miss you.

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