Love flattering myself and immune to gossip,
I'm an overachiever, won’t stop unless speaks profit.
Difficult to please me,
Cause you can’t create an impact.
I like to be chased and not being trapped;
I am a camouflage that quickly adapt.

Relax? See your position slips away from your hand.
I believe in taking action rather being a drag.
Often snatch an opportunity by filling the gap,
Other’s lack enthusiasm and miss the right time to act.
No one remembers who was second to the moon,
Strong competing spirit is an unspeakable boon.

I do not fear the eruption,
Cause change is the only constant fact.
Won’t find many like me who have the guts,
To break the mold and quick to react.
Can’t take rest till things are complete,
Hate to see my efforts waste when unable to achieve.

Taken an oath to excel in every aspect.
I decide my own plan and how to prospect.
You have no power to hold me back,
Can’t put me on leash since you are no match.
Yes, I am an overachiever, better mind that.

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This Poems Story

In a society where still women need to prove their worth. This poem is dedicated to every women who are fighting for their right and getting success doing so. The deadly fact of society where office AC\'s temperature is set according to a man\'s metabolic resting rate and women are often sighted in blanket. Car seat belts are made to protect only men and women are left on the hands of god\'s will. Still, we women are fighting day and night. To establish ourselves in society full of plight. To every women with respect, you all are an overachiever, fighting every aspect of life.