Overactive Mind

There's just something funny,
About an over-active mind.
Time is always lonely,
And loneliness is time.
You cannot find the beauty,
In a world drawn out in grime.
Searching for that something,
When you can't be satisfied.

You cry to the sky,
That has stopped responding.
To the man who always cries,
Crying always over nothing.
the seed you have planted,
That blossomed into life.
Has every good reason, too
Say something isn't right.
Thoughts occur-of an unsteady ride
the dark clouds are your own-from an over-active mind
To go is to know; your own destination
To find love- to begin, from your own invitation
To trust in; only what you have measured
To carry a heart with a hole in the center.
To know if you go; is to know what will show-
- Heart you have found too heavy to hold
You'll leave it behind; buried deep in your bones-
-No matter what side; it won't leave you alone.

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