Life sucks clean my lungs of the air I breathe,
Without air my entire body goes limp and freezes.
While my body has seized my mind continues to turn its wheels,
Thoughts consume my brain and pile up into hills.
My mind climbs the hills of thoughts with difficulty and exhaustion,
Walking among the thoughts my feet step with caution.
No step is easy to take on this thought-filled hill,
For each thought has different terrains of thrills.
Over time I will conquer the hill of thoughts,
But some thoughts are a challenge where my feet get caught.
Like quicksand I'm pulled down into the dark ground,
I yell and scream for help, but I make nothing of a sound.
I sink more and more as I struggle with all my life,
Still sinking I seem to be losing this life-threatening fight.
Then suddenly I begin to rise like the sun at dawn,
Life seems to brighten and no longer is far beyond.
My lungs fill with air and my heart is beating normal again,
I'm rising to my feet and look back at the dark times of then.
I can walk away from the life-sucking quicksand,
Filled with air and life I am able to fully stand.
No longer is my life fading into darkness like nightfall,
I have energy and purpose in life again and air most of all.
I see light like once before in my earlier days,
My many tears washed away all my frightening pains.
The best part of this victory is the one within myself,
I came out on top and now I have love for life itself.

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