I'm the only light in this dark place,
The only hope in this negative space.
Not a lot of people will ever understand,
overcoming doubt is like climbing through quicksand.
I've had to go through everything alone,
I wasn't born with any luck so I had to make my own.
I ignored what others would say,
Stayed motivated to go my own way.
Things get rough and things get tough,
No matter what you do it'll never seem like its enough.
Writings always been there when people weren't around,
My own words were the only things left to pick me up off the ground.
You just have to keep your head held high,
And give it your best try.
You never know when today's going to be your last day,
So cherish every moment and don't let your life slip away.
Don't pay attention to the one's who doubt you,
They don't know anything about you.
Just stay strong and persevere,
Have faith and face the fear.
You're going to go on and do great things,
You'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.
Words are weapons so watch what you say,
You'll never be able to turn back the events of yesterday.

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