Overindulgence of Love Narcotics

There are venomous substances that society forewarns us all about:

the distaste of heroin, the nausea of liquor, the delusions of acid,
and your parents disapproval of dating lady Cannabis.

But they do not caution you about the omen of love.
It is by far the most cynical and gruesome of all.
They warn you about the dangers of mixing drinks,
not about the dire catastrophes of a drunken Cupid.

They tell you to tread lightly with alcohol, but never inform you of
the underwater manifestation that reoccurs with every sip you take.
In result, a volcanic rupture of rancor is quietly waiting to flare
and burn every trickle of feeling you indulged in.

Rehab was not an option when the root of my habit was you.
A brochure wasn't given on how to get over you without withdrawals.
Nobody counseled me after my eyes could not bear the
brightness of the moonlight bleeding through my window.

How is it possible that you were my antidote and poison?
You condoned my drug abuse and reinforced it time and time again.
First, lavishly, then offering me loose change to get my next fix and
giving me enough so that I craved you endlessly when my high fleeted.

I guess pills aren't the antagonists in this novel;
maybe love is.

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This Poems Story

A person entered my life and made me feel magically alive at a time when I was dazed and confused. I felt a whirlwind of unexpected emotions and while everything was positive in the beginning stages of our relationship, the tables suddenly turned for the worse. I was unprepared for the darker side of love and what became my first agonizing heartbreak. Love is the strongest narcotic out there and if you allow it to consume your life, it is potent enough to empower you or destroy you. Always love yourself first and others will follow.