Overshadowed By Chauvinism

After one of Napoleon’s serviceman; Nicolas Chauvin became reputed,
His toxic tongue was the root when this term had been first constituted,
Arrogant and ego-maniacal, his thoughtless motives were to suggest,
Inconsiderate and malicious, his name has been rendered to be oppressed.

His ruthless behavior had been a very bad example in front of the young,
This harsh tone of voice is a poor repertoire that should not to be sung.
Misleading the ingenuous eventually brings them to pay a heavy cost.
Unfortunately, these outbursts of disrespect only result to a substantial loss.

Without proper refinement; this poignant drug becomes its’own venom,
Within their developed and faltered reputation, it becomes their anthem.
Who’s going to decide to rupture this viciously unwelcoming vortex?
Courtesy, protocol and decorum; all should have been an early pretext.

Within the age-old tensions of male neurosis, most of them are weak;
They’ve always vented their insecurities by making the future bleak.
Instead of progressing towards an environment of peace and harmony;
Their addictive proponents seem to always revert to a form of anarchy.

Tragically, those closeted souls are apprehensive to ever speak out,
Private idle awareness is threatened with fear, if ever dared to shout.
The danger of having their entire masculinity under scorn and suspicions,
Being ridiculed and ostracized often leads to unknown repercussions.

Equality should have been a self-explanatory issue from our beginning,
Why are certain traits and abilities being considered as a misgiving?
Indefensible judgments are frequently committed by the self-styled,
For reasons, being human, there’s a tendency to unexpectedly reviled.

Kindly appealing, their male co-equals are ready to be sensitized,
While hoping one day that all of the misogynists become penalized.
Unfortunately, the innocent will always be those to endure this stigma,
The wretched male infantilism stills has yet to be an unraveled enigma.

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