Overthinking something that people never really
talk about. I have heard of depression, sadness
and anxiety. People always say before depression
or sadness first comes anxiety. Well i do not think
that is true because overthink is anxiety's bad little
cousin. He goes around whispering little things in
peoples ears and fill them up with worry the crazy
part nobody ever notices him they automatically
blame anxiety when it was the little cousin who started
it all. If you did not get what i was saying lets try
another analogy. Overthinking is that one
imaginary friend you never asked for even when you
tell it to go away it just sits there and looks at you
with a blank expression bringingup different
scenarios in your head that either mad you sad
or depressed the crazy part is the imaginary friend
doesn't even have a mouth and for some reason that
makes it worser.(silence)...i should just give up, i
mean whats the point in submitting this poem
what if they think my outlook on overthinking
is a joke. What if it has been used already ugh there
are thousands of there poets who are better then me
i'd be lucky to even get third place (laughs) .......
overthinking ..they say when one door closes another
opens well overthinking is the painted padlock on the
door that you think is real

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