Sadness that over whelms the voices,
Speaking with hatred and sorrow,
Months pass as the heart mend slowly.
Yet it will never be fully healed on it own.
Time can show the changes,
Experience show the difficulty life will put us through,
How strong are we?, How easy can some of us break?,
How close have some become?.
Seeking a way to feel to remind us that pain means were alive,
Some of us come too close of this seeking and go beyond the feelings.
Leaving this world cause were not strong?
I will not believe this.
I think the numbness got to strong, Sadness over whelm,
The heart could not mend from being broken so bad.
That it was their time to seek a new life.
So do not let yourself, get over come, Seek for the healer.
The lover, carer,
Friend that will stand at your side in this horror place,
guiding you back to were your wanted and needed.
Well have path.
just some need help to guide us through,
the darkest part that can consume us.

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