Love is at first like a rain drop slowly falling down a window,
patiently waiting for it to meet its destination.
It is like a toy you once had that is now lost,
Realizing how much you desire for it after it
It had slipped out of your hands.
Love is like jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day,
realizing how admirable it truly can be.
Love is waking up to the sound of the ocean waves
Rippling as they meet the shore.
Love is like getting back an essay that you
once thought wasn't your best work,
But actually shook others around.
Love can be scary at first,
Or seem hopeless.
But what you didn't realize, love is air.
You never think about it, for it is taken for granted.
But we need it in order to live life.
Air is allowing you to thrive,
but air can also end a life.

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