What drives the search for answers eternal?
Must we find God, who is likely folly?
Are we driven by insatiable desire and selfishness,
or do we seek happiness on behalf of others?
We delve into the dark and emerge stronger than ever,
a glorious testament to the strength of man.

Some would call this triumph a work of God,
May we not find worth from within ourselves?
If greatness comes from above then why struggle,
would we not be puppets on a puppet master's stage?
No, we are more than this, I am more than this.

All kingdoms no matter how great will wither and crumble.
Why must the supposed kingdom of God be any exception?
The weight of His gaze is felt everywhere, real or no.
The flawed all-seeing gaze of an all-powerful overlord.

The inevitability of eternity will filter out all.
Nothing is eternal, not I, nor you, nor our greatest construct.
I hold no ill will towards my fellows who accept this myth as truth.
I claim no salvation and offer none to you.

If there is a God, then I did not need Him.
If there is a Devil, then let him tempt me.
If your Heaven exists I shall never gaze upon it's golden gates.
If your Hell exists I shall be cast into the fire with a smile,
Knowing that I lived my life of my own free will.

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