P.I.E.W (Perfect In Every Way)
Piew is what I think of you
Every Morning lunch & noon
Evening & the night time too
Im always thinking PIEW

When you stumble on your words
Or Just being yourself
laughing when you get your nerves
PIEWs always the word

Your OCD is so cute to me
Your eyes they shine, magically
Your smile it always captures me
But best is your personality

doesn't mean I think you stink but think your are so cute
Sometimes I close my eyes and think of what it'd be like with you
I know the day will never come when it is just us 2
But I have to tell you now, I love everything you do!

I’m sorry I think you are perfect in every single way
I bet you’d disagree with me If I let you have your say
If you could see what I see in you for not even a day
It’s more what’s inside of you and not just a cute babe

I know this is just a secret for me to only know
Mind is racing oh so fast i just need it to slow
I need to get you out of it I’m begging it to go
But thinking of our day today and maybe it’s a no
We opened hearts we talked a lot we let our insides show
We opened up scared as fuck, told things we only know
Your beautiful in and out it’s all I think of though
Is it possible that Cupid has two arrows for his bow
It’s time to put a lid on this it is something I can’t blow
Cause even with a life as friends it makes me want to glow
Both of us love our partners and we put us in friend zone
In another world another time you could’ve been my zo

But I never thought I’d see the day
Where I get the chance for me to say
I love every thing I see and hey
To me your perfect in every way

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This Poems Story

Both of us are in a relationship and happily so, but I think about her a lot while my partner is away. She has read this and after getting very close it put the breaks on a bit! I hope we can move forward being close friends after she has read my true thoughts and feelings. This is my very first attempt at poetry