P.O.W. (Power of Words)

Words are powerful, powerful are words.
What is said is on the mind, thoughts are things, thoughts manifest;
Prophecies of the self constantly are being fulfilled.
"Sticks and stones may break my bones.," but words do hurt.
Words scathe and slice, cut and corrupt, each other and ourselves.
We don't eat our words, they form within our hearts that overflow
with emotional overload.
By our words, we determine and dictate our destiny. Our own words
deceive and doubt ourselves and others.
The ruler of the kingdom of the air fills our heads with the same
old lies, that drown out and denies the gifted Spirit inside.
But there are words that are all-powerful, there are words that are
all-mighty, there are words that demolish all strongholds.God's word.
His word is very much alive, it thrives, casting doubt aside.
Thinking and meditating on God's word is the only truth that
refreshes and revives, giving new life, transforming the mind.
Speaking new, true words of our Lord into existence.
Transforming our circumstance, now we sing, praise God, and dance!
Because He spoke everything into existence.
God's word gives us the power and authority to demolish strongholds;
and demons shudder, and Satan flees.
In God we always have the victory.
With the power of God's word, we know our truth, and God's truth,
and we are freed from the vicious cycle of lies, hurt, and deceit.
He knows and has already spoken the beginning, middle, and end.
So at the end of the day, God's word always has the final say.

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