A lot of people think they really know what pain is till they wake up in the morning numb tryna figure out how pain feel see I made it past pain to a deeper kind of hurt man I swear I can’t even put that shit into words my heart growing colder my kids getting older my patience running thinner and I ain’t been eating no dinner the thought of you make my soul cry make my tears dry cause I can’t cry one more time bout the same cup of spilled milk I’m constantly refilling all for a pleasurable temporary feeling cause when you leave you gone it take you days to come back home I’m the one hurting and it’s hard to be strong when you fed lie after lie time after time look out the window on a rainy day then I can cry cause rain drops disguise the tears coming out my eyes all the disgust all the hate lord I’m praying for better days cause lord I’m gone off his ass if he try to come my way I’m trying to be humble I’m trying to be calm but nigga how the fuck can you play me I introduced you to my mom my grandma even my sister kids who would’ve ever thought this really as real as it gets ima pick my broken heart up and say goodbye and the next person I love not gone put a tear in my eyes unless it’s a happy year or pain from getting dicked down yeah I really fell for a Ronald McDonald ass clown but ima stop being better and ima wish him the best I hope you have fun watching me move on to the next

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