It’s that doubt inside
When you say everything’s gonna be alright
It’s that hope behind,
That tiny, little sparkle in your eyes.
It’s the breath you take,
When you realize it’s the last move you’ll make.
But you make it…

It’s the hunger- filled
Soul- must’ve taken so long to build
Didn’t get there easy,
But you built it up all up so they can see it.
Did you lose your place?
When you promised you’d make it through the day?
Or maybe,
Did you find your way?

But the victory is lost in me,
The pain you feel can’t set you free
But yes, my child, afraid it’s true,
The things this life will do to you,
But in the end you’ll find your way,
And realize that we’re made with pain.

That comes when you lose your confidence,
It’s reverie,
When you realize these things were meant to be,
It’s all confusion,
When you feel like you don’t know what you’re losing,
Or even,
What you’re meant to give.

You feel so numb,
When you recognize what you’ve become
When you realize that your life’s worth savin
And what life’s done to bring you here,
You let the fear all disappear,
And then find the joy it brings,
To know you can face anything.

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