I cry in my bed every night while they drink,
And I dream about running away,
But Goodness knows what they would do here without me,
So that is the reason I stay.
I try to be perfect so they might just smile,
But nothing is quite good enough.
They think that their life is the only one here,
But they can't see that my life is tough.
I try to explain all the things that are wrong,
And the things that I wish they would say,
But they're always at work or intent on their phones,
So I quietly scamper away.
I beg and I plead and I show them the scars,
That they've carelessly carved in my heart.
They reuse to believe it. They just turn away.
They can't see that I'm falling apart.
They tell me to open my blind eyes to see
The pain that I've caused all these years,
But it's awfully hard to see others' pain
When my own eyes are flooded with tears.

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