Pain and Misery

Pain comes in many shapes, sizes and ways
Whether it is a bullet to the chest or a heartbreak from a relationship
It haunts us from our dreams and our hearts
It follows us to the very end of our lives even at the brink of death
As we fade away to a distant memory our pain doesn’t die with us it moves on
It moves on to the people in our life that we care about and love
Pain is the reason the world is dying so why can’t we stop the pain?
We wish we could but we can’t for pain is eternal
Pain can only be out weighed with love but love doesn’t last forever
Love is temporary whereas pain is eternal and is a blue fire burning away our dreams.
We run and hide but the pain is overwhelming
Burning the bridges of our families and friends away from us
Keeping us consumed in its darkness and fear where no light can penetrate.
As we watch the flames dance around us consuming our world we beg and cry for help
But no one is coming no one can hear our cry for we are stuck in a world of pain and misery

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