By JCK   

How many people are living off the misery of others?
Do you really think they want that to change?
They have fear to lose their lively-hood and status.
This fear is all pervasive. Everyone has got it.

It is the fear of change. Not fear of death,
but fear of losing control, of having to give up
a certain set of circumstances.

It is people who are an obstacle to peace and happiness.
They stand in the way of breakthroughs in science and beliefs.
There is fear of change, that is all it is.

How many people are living of the promises to make others happy?
While at the same time enslaving them with their goods and toys?
Happiness and joy cannot come from outside a person.
The feelings will always originate from within.

Senseless, thoughtless whisperings in my ears.
“Look at this new car, it comes fully loaded!
“How about this new and improved pain killer?
“It will really make your day.”

Promises, promises, promises, nothing but promises.
And how about my Soul?
Who is feeding my Soul?
Empty promises leave my Soul unfulfilled and hungrier than ever before.

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This Poems Story

It's about my search for happiness of the soul.