Pain for My Kids

Within my soul great pain lies,
It's been within and it multiplies.
Each issue deepens its wells so deep,
so overcome, so sad, so unbearably I weep.
No one knows how much I bare,
even with clues of oral I share.
Learning that solence comes with a price,
each choice I make, each mistake, entice.
They bring more regret, more sadness, more tears,
to know the well deepens, pain alive, for more years.
Freedom of all that holds me in vain,
a price I'm paying, with all of my pain.
All that can set me free of this hell,
holds me captive, as deep as this well.
The love I hold deep and hold so tight,
can end all this pain straight into the light.
To know that the light can create release,
so much darkness that has held all of my peace.
If I must someday be able to overcome,
all my regrets, and mistook fortunes.

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