Pain I Love

Beneath my smile is an old tale.
You've heard this before.
You do this more and I can't bare to tell.
Again and again we're here,
Back to a place I cannot stand.
I fall you rise.
I ball, and call to all those who ran.
I cannot, I must seek pain.
I love that you lie.
I hate when I cry when it's not because of you.
I've cried pain and bled hatred.
Sacred vows are nothing.
We are something no one should be.
Tough love and emotionless too.
Silence of love, a noisy hateful two.
Absence is the norm.
Born of this relationship was destined to be torn.
Worn my patience, but I seek more.
Disappointment from my little.
Belittle the idea of family.
I say not, I present a fight.
Convinced myself that's my plan,
To stay and deal with what I can.
Nothing but a circle of hit, hug, and heal.
Beneath this smile is an old tale,
Of pain I love, but apart I fail.

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