Pain In Reverse ◀️

  I throw my pain at you & you throw yours at me,
There's no love within this home just a broken family,
molded by bricks made from lies to hide what's inside,
Tension so heavy, better yet thick there's nowhere to hide,
Our ways are crashing down like waves in this sea of confusion,
How do we expect or love to survive living in an illusion?,
See what we hold is as good as its going to get,
Loving one another and our kids with no single regrets,
Listen I need you to understand the unique disaster I am,
While still we stick together and follow the plan from The Man,
Don't you see we have a story to tell,
And if we must then we'll tell it well,
Were two hurt souls healing as time goes,
When well the healing end baby I don't know,
We must ride this out, you know weather this rain,
We possess no other choice this was created from pain,
But if we hold on and we trust in God please believe we WILL best the odds.

Ebony K. Holder-Fields
Nov. 28, 2017
12:17 p.m.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written to bring about my point of view from a personal view on a relationship.