Pain in the Rain

The race it has begun,
It shall be so much fun!
Your spirits, they’re high,
Except for the gray sky.

Halfway to the finish,
Your energy has started to diminish.
Keep up the pace,
Keep running that race!

Your legs, they’re burning,
Your stomach, it’s churning.
Your muscles, they’re killing,
The rain, it’s chilling,

The trees, they’re quivering,
Your body, it’s shivering.
Don’t give up just yet,
Even though you’re soaking wet.

Your shoes, they’re turning red,
And you hear a voice in your head.
The pain increases as you bleed,
Water is the only thing that you need.

The wall, it will appear,
Just don’t let it interfere.
The wall, it’s here,
But the finish is so near.

The voice, it has gone,
Your energy, it’s been drawn.
The crowds, they cheer,
The finish is here!

You sprint to the finish line,
And you see the sign!
The race, it’s now done,
You've finished your run!

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