Pain of Words.

Mountains of pain
fill inside of me blocking every breathe i take.
Tears like rain
Running down my face with every cry i make.
Bad lingers,
thoughts race my mind indulging my pain making me hurt
Trembling fingers,
along the harsh words..why such words you had to insert..
An Empty soul
crying out beyond the grave
What a fool,
i was for thinking you'd have a nice crave.
Alone and scared
that the words you said were true.
I have bared,
to be myself and everyone else knew.
A posing teen
odd because im myself to the fullest
a drama queen
out of girls, guys liked i didnt start drama labeling me the coolest.
Never hurt you
I talked you out of suicide how many times
Never bashed you
But you chose to do that out of so many crimes.
Me myself and I
isnt changing for the world, I am who i am
So go ahead and lie
Because im to the point where i dont give a damn.

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