Pain or Passion

The man in the black suit.
Oh, the way he looks at you.
Staring at you like you are his prey.
While praying one day he will be yours.
His deep brown eyes gleaming into yours.
How could you never have noticed this before?
The memories that flood, without a care,
As his eyes start to flare.
Anger from deep within.
A terrible nightmare suddenly begins.
Without a care or a doubt in mind,
The thoughts in his head start to unwind.
Back to the past and through to the future
No worries about the present, it's not the bender.
Suddenly an outbreak, one single scream.
It begins to unfold, with one lightening beam.
There he lay, silent as stone.
She dropped to her knees on the ground so cold.
She recovered quickly when she heard him mumble,
"God please bring me home.."
His eyes shut and body became still.
One teardrop on the cheek gave her a bad feeling.
With a soul so good and a heartbeat of none,
All his pain had finally gone.

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