Pain Versus Happiness

The color of the sky on the day she died was black
No Sun, no sky, for she didn’t even see the stars
Just thick blackness above her head
Pain filled her beating heart
The color of pain was so dark
Like a cloud of blinding smoke
It hung over her
She had to inhale the tainted air
The taste of happiness disappeared
The logic of her brain decided to dip
Leaving happiness and pain to duke it out
The two went at it outlandishly
Next thing she knew, she was dying
But for her life, the woman started pleading
Stop fighting you two!
Let’s get together to rise in power!
Pain and happiness have to work together!
With each other, both have to be ever more tender!
Then the woman felt something changing
The taste of happiness came back, and the butterflies she started seeing
The color of pain began to rise
The woman felt like a beautiful rose
If happiness and pain ever argued again,
She’d remember this near death argument
To come out and live
To come out and breathe in real life
The fight between good and evil she handled
Now she feels more levelheaded
And the fists of pain and happiness became her only escape

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