Painful Love

In the depths of the heart, where love resides,

There lies a pain that cannot be disguised.

For love, with its beauty and tender grace,

Can also leave scars upon its embrace.

Like a fragile rose, with thorns concealed,

Love's agony oftentimes is revealed.

A burning fire that consumes the soul,

Leaving hearts shattered, never again whole.

It whispers sweet promises, love's deceit,

Leading us down a path that feels complete.

But as love twists and turns, its fickle grace,

Can turn a tender touch into a bruise we trace.

In the moments of longing, where hearts ache,

Love's absence cuts deep, a cruel twist of fate.

It leaves us yearning, crying out in despair,

Lost in a labyrinth of unanswered prayers.

Yet, amidst the pain, love still holds its power,

To heal the wounds that afflict and devour.

For love, though bittersweet, teaches us to grow,

To find strength within, when our spirits feel low.

So let us not fear the pains that love may bring,

For through the agony, our souls take wing.

And in this symphony of joy and strife,

We discover the true essence of life.

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The painful truth about love