Painful Night

Dark night, empty road with no light
I was walking with dream in my eyes with smile on my face
hearing footsteps I started to feel scared
to protect my self I started to race
soon footsteps become louder
and sky started to thunder
Suddenly someone grab my hand
and pressed me against the wall
I started to cry but he slapped me hard
I want to shout be he shut my mouth
feeling helpless I started to tremble in fear
he took some steps now he is very near
He torn my cloths and I can see smile
on the face of my traitor
with his each steps my life started to shatter
I pleaded with my painful eyes
but busy in his own pleasure he ignored my cries
with me sky also started to cry
in the form of rain
now I am feeling nothing just pain
He done his work left me there
now I am broken beyond repair..

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