I'll spray it in red, I'll spray it in black
And once I have done this, I can't take it back
But then will you see all the problems I've got?
The sadness, the anger, the fear, all the lot?
Do I have to paint letters in bold on the wall?
Underlined, in capitals, see them stand six feet tall
You'd still turn away or you'd sneer with contempt
You'd laugh in my face for my noble attempt
or you'd lie to me, smiling, without any cares
Put your hand on my shoulder then push me down the stairs
So I won't hang around as you never will see
The person I am, the person that's me
You want your life simple and so you won't aid
But I know deep down that you're really afraid
You'll look at the cover, too scared to read on
You'll judge me for that but when after I've gone
You'll see what you've lost and you'll break down and cry
You'll see that you've been foolish to live such a lie
So you'll spray it in red and you'll spray it in black
And you'll wish you could change and then take it all back.

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