Paint Me a Picture

Paint me a picture filled with passion,
bring me back to a place where I still have personal space;
somewhere, between crazy and cryptic.
I want to break through the disguise so I can run from your eyes.
Memories break free and try to drown me in my tears.
My thoughts are actually moving at a much slower pace.
Paint me a picture of the pain in my eyes,
see if you can capture my feelings inside.
Slow back down and silently, leave the emotion,
quit trying so hard to put out the fire.
Paint me a picture of the day before I lost my mind
See if it's possible to travel back in time.
I'd love to see my face just before they took me away,
a pretty picture to remind myself I don't want to stay.
Pretty pictures need to be framed,
they need to be on display.
Paint me a picture of the day I was shackled and taken away.
Paint me a picture of the day I lay there alone,
eyes wide and dazed.
Paint me a picture of the day before I was sick,
I can't recall a memory of it.
Paint that pretty picture and leave it at my door.
Paint it, frame it, just so I'll believe it.

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