Out of those hundreds and thousands of sky lanterns,
Lighting up the night sky;
Mine is marginally different...
Unlike other sky lanterns,
That carried people's wishes ;
Mine carried my fears...
For,my wishes can even be wished,
through the eyelashes that were shed off my eyelids,
By placing it on the back of my hand,
And blowing it off,
after whispering a wish...
I can even throw coins into the river,
Or can wish upon a shooting star...
But to dispose my fears off,
that often sends quivers up my spine,
I had but an option left...
MY fears are penned on the sky lanterns,made of paper,
I watch the lanterns floating in the night sky,
Glowing more than the stars,
The winds swifts the flickering lanterns to the south,
Away from me...
And all at once, it disappears into the dark,
And so my fears, that once were born out of the dark.
- Sanjeevani panda(khusi)

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