Everything in the world came to a halt.
A worldwide pandemic was at fault.
Everyone went shopping with panic and fear.
Buying every roll of toilet paper far and near.
They want us to stay home and not leave.
The news was telling us things we couldn't believe.
It was hard to get out to do daily task.
All the people were required to wear mask.
Jobs were lost and incomes were cut.
They expected us to sit at home on our butt.
For months we've been cooped up in our house.
Scrounging around for food like a mouse.
They told us this virus is highly contagious.
Even seeing our family and friends is being courageous.
While the American people are left to suffer.
Paying bills and getting food is getting tougher.
Loved ones are dying from this pandemic every day.
While the government argues over stimulus pay.
While the virus is looming in the air it's ominous.
Meanwhile all we hear daily is broken promises.
The government opened back up, then things went wrong.
Our Congress and Senate have argued way to long.
They should be ashamed of themselves taking vacations.
When this is the worst pandemic in five generations.
They don't even care that we are their bosses.
They will when we vote them out of office.

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