Pandemic 2020


Pandemic 2020

Its been about 10 months since the start of the covid pandemic.
Little did i expect it to turn communities into introvert epedemics.
The world is so different with rules and regulations
With sicknesses and deaths growing far beyond anyone's expectations.
The disease does not discriminate against gender, age or race.
The only fight against it is to wear masks, stay home or keep your space.
Its extremely frightening because there is no vaccine.
There isnt one in sight, nothing to be seen.
Fun things i used to due are a thing of the past.
Im trying to maintain my mental health but that seems to be flailing fast.
Will it take a turn for the better or will it get worse instead?
Its so heartbreaking to see the loss of life and so many people dead.
Now its just a waiting game, theres nothing but to wait and ponder.
I dont know how much more i can take, being cooped up for much longer.
Say a prayer for our nations, pray for an intervention.
Pray that somehow we will find a cure and be able to fight with prevention.
Tell those you know you love them because tomorrow isnt a promissed day.
Things can change in a moment and be turned into a completely different way.
Until this pandemic is over, my heart goes out to you.
Be safe and thankful for all you have in everything you do.

Christine arboe

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