Mother nature decided enough was enough, so she sent mankind to our room.
Because man hasn’t been very kind to ourselves or nature and the earth was facing doom.
The world is in hysteria, people are loosing work and homes.
My heart is breaking for this planet, and the people facing this alone.
I hope we aren’t to naive to see the bigger picture, see around the distraction.
I hope we learn what we should from this, it’s up to us for a better reaction.
Covid19 is the unspeakable name,
How easy it is for the government to shift the blame.
Now we are all screaming “save the planet” louder than ever.
“Save the working class people, servers, retail, bartenders” before, this was said never.
I hope there is a better understanding and respect for one another after this.
I hope we never take for granted the sincerity of a simple hug and kiss.
There’s a lot that needs to change and this is our chance to reset,
When this is all over, life goes back to “normal” I hope this crisis, and the changes we made, we never forget

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