Pandemic has many meanings. Each one brings some fear.
It’s not-knowing what will happen to those we hold so dear.
It’s an epidemic, reaching our families, friends, and our nation.
A culmination of things bizarre, going beyond imagination.
No one knows for sure how it started, nor where it began.
Instead they play the game. Was it a country, or ordinary man?
We want it to go away. Our children need to go out to play.
Baby killing and cop killing, you won’t find in God’s Plan.
Children need their mommies, and a daddy who’s a real man.
Hold close to your families, teach them right from wrong.
Cling tightly to them, they need security, and to belong.
Our streets need to be safe, and we want to breathe fresh air.
Yet it seems like there are many who don’t appear to care.
Our world is changing daily, so much we can’t comprehend.
Jesus promised He’s coming back, and this could be the end.
The message is this. If we want to look forward to a better day
We need to bow our heads, get on our knees, and humbly pray.

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