Pandemic and me..


Pandemic and me .....
Some of us are scared some of us dont care.
Some of us wear mask some of us dont need to cover our mouths.
Almost half of people stay home and the other half stay outside.
Too many sick people in hospital beds most of them in a grave.
When is this pandemic over who knows not even pandemic itself knows.
When all this is going to end my friend this is just the beginning of hell in earth.
Maybe I will stay in the corner prepared to defeat the pandemic itself.
O maybe I will learn to live with this disease .
In this world there is nobody important just you and me .
The pandemic and me.......

Now we all look like strangers.
All we see in the streets are a pair of eyes.
Brown ,blue ,black ,big ,small looking at me.
Making me feel like a stranger too.
No more smiley faces.
They hide under a mask.
To protect the strangers around.
Lockdown , jobless people are going crazy.
Hiding under a mask in there home nothing to do.
Just to think that a new killer in town .
Touching surfaces and touching your face.
You will get sick , tasteless OMG i cant breath.
Take me to the emergency room.
So i could end this misery.
This feeling that is killing me slowly.
I cant breath , i cant taste now i cant see.
Only a matter of weeks to see if a survive.
O if i dont make it alone without anybody around me.
Just those strangers eyes just looking at me

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