Pandemic of 2020


Where were you when the pandemic hit?
Did you believe any of the hype or bull spit?
Or did you think it was all just overplayed?
Then businesses all started to shut down.
And we're all advised not to leave town.
Even told to stay in our homes like a castaway.
You can't even go anywhere without a face mask.
Only those allowed out are essential workers.
Every day COVID-19 has new dangers.
All this garbage makes you want to grab a flask.
From fairs to music festivals to church even Halloween.
Everything seems to have been canceled.
Which made summer a bust thanks impart to SARS-COV-19.
All this has made us all a little disgruntled.
None of this was supposed to last past May.
I think it'll last far past New Year's Day.
As if things weren't bad enough with this pandemic.
There are people out there making things worse.
They're trying to make everything seem apocalyptic.
Not caring about the effects to the universe.
There are people hoarding toilet paper.
Just so they can leave others to wipe with newspaper.
All store shelves are empty of cleaning supplies.
Leaving nothing for others to uses to sanitize.
In a world already full of albatross.
We need unity to defeat all the chaos.

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