Pandemic Reflections


And in my solitude I weep, for only the silence
and loneliness echo an answer to my demise.
Pandemic? Quarantine? Don't make me laugh
in my sorrow, for I have been in my lockdown
since old age crept up on me. Leaving me to
dwell aplenty on reflections of my past:
O land of dreams, embrace me yet, for reality
is upon me and I without answer to my quest
of an afterlife. Do I go into nothingness, like
before I was born? No memory of beforelife.
And what about the in-between: Existence,
life, curse or blessing. Destiny, fate and good
fortune will have a say. And so I looked to my
heart, because he's still my best friend. And
though we've been years apart, we are now
the best of friends; Time to forgive and forget.
Let's leave the sorrow behind, it's now a thing
of the past, because enough is enough, we
must not live in the past. Remember someone
once said, with absence the heart grows fonder.
Humanity, existence, love, and beauty..... is poetry

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