Pandora\'s Heart

By Tannie   

She was the happiest one,
She was the innocent one,
She was the mature one.
Cause, she knew how to
Protect her heart, keeping
Closed within a box.
One day, she opened her heart,
Just to spread her happiness
All over the world.
She expected nothing, but
A pure smile, in return.
But, what she got!
She got to be scolded,
She got to be cheated,
She got to be hurt;
In return of spreading happiness.
Previously, she had curiosity
Now, she has experience,
Now, she has scar, that
Has made her silent.
Now she knows, she will
Never open her heart again.
But, have you ever asked Pandora,
Whether she has been able
To make her heart healed again ?

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Key Words : Pandora, Heart,Happiness

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This Poems Story

How an innocent girl changed into an experience one, what is her mentality now....what is her real-self