I feel bound, shackled, chained
Heaviness weights upon my mind.
I feel the overwhelming panic approaching.
My sanity keeper is missing.
Breathing faster and more shallow
Pain in my eyes from holding back the hot tears of frustration.
Feeling heavy, helpless, nothing that I can do.
The breaths come faster
my heart beats harder
fluttering in my chest
Two tears slide down my face.
Where is my keeper of sanity?
I'm drowning, confused, tossed about a turbulent sea of emotions.
Emotions that are slowly strangling me.
Fear that it won't stop, fear that I'm not strong enough to
make it go away.
Needing my sanity keeper.
At last he arrives.
Framing my face in his hands.
Looking into his blue eyes as he teaches me to breathe again.
I feel my hearbeat begin to slow again.
He wipes the tears off my cheeks
He leans in and I smell his comforting scent
He wraps me in his arms and I finally fell safe, sane, I will be ok.

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